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Dr. Brown Speaks The Tooth: Smile Simulation

Experiencing a dental emergency is never fun, especially if it involves your front teeth. It can leave a patient feeling traumatized, upset and self-conscious. Your smile is a part of who you are. It allows you to show off your personality, display the confidence you have in yourself and helps you greet people and make them more comfortable in your presence. When your smile is compromised, it can be challenging to demonstrate the same confidence as before. Dr. Brown is back with another video installment, where he shares the story of a patient who had an unfortunate experience that affected his smile and how, by using smile simulation technology, he was able to get his smile back and better than before. Click here to watch the video.

smile simulator video

See Into The Future With Our Smile Simulator!

Would you love to make an improvement in your smile but are hesitant because you can’t picture the finished product? When you see the same teeth and smile looking back at you every time you look in the mirror, we know that it can be difficult to picture how dental improvements could change the appearance of your teeth. We are proud to offer a form of dental technology that can give you a sneak peek of the potential changes that are possible. Read on to learn more about this interesting service that is available in our office.

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What New Technology Have We Added to the Office?

It is our goal to provide you the very best care possible. Our staff is continuously reading articles, attending webinars, going to additional training sessions, and talking to colleagues to improve and give you better care. In addition to all of the knowledge that we are gaining, we have recently made upgrades to our technology to bring you better care. We continue to embrace ever-changing dental technology and use it to help diagnose problems sooner, saving you from added discomfort as well as saving you time and money. Dr. Brown recently recorded a video explaining the new technology added to the patient rooms and why it is beneficial to you. Click to watch the video and read more about the benefits of the updated technology.

How Modern Technology Can Benefit You

The wonder of technology is an amazing thing to witness, with ever-evolving advances improving our daily lives. Modern dental technology is no different, with improvements making it possible for our patients to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. We feel that modern technology offers many benefits to our patients and we have proved that, as one of the first practices in our area to embrace digital technology and use it in our office.