Dental Bonding

When repairing a small cavity, a composite filling can restore your tooth to shape and function while also mimicking its natural shade.


Step 2


During the first step, your tooth is prepared by removing the decayed portion, leaving a small prepared area that will be filled with the composite.

Step 2

Next, a special bonding agent is applied to the prepared area- this bonding process helps to ensure that the filling will attach to the natural tooth structure. A special curing light is then used to set the bonding fluid.

Step 3

bonding west chester

Your doctor then applies the composite material to fill the prepared area, and shapes it to match the contours of your tooth surface.

Step 4

Again using the curing light, the shaped composite is solidified into place.

Step 5

dental bonding

As a final step, your doctor will polish the composite filling to smoothen it and give it a similar sheen to the rest of your tooth

Step 6

Once completed, your tooth is free of decay and restored to optimal strength and appearance.