Modern dental technology has made it possible for patients of any age to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. From machines and devices to the materials used in treatments, we have the ability to restore any smile.

Early on we understood how modern technology could be a huge benefit to the patient. We were one of the first dentists to embrace digital technology, which aided in a more thorough exam and comfortable patient experience. As an example, we offer digital x-rays and impressions.


Digital x-rays are safer and more precise than traditional ones. The technology also allows us to share the images immediately with our team in the rest of the office.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are a cutting edge tool that uses lasers to create an exact replica of the patient’s mouth. It allows us to make better fitting restorations, and takes away any margin of error. Patients also appreciate this service because it is a quick and easy process. More so, they are glad to avoid the uncomfortable impression putty from years past.