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If you have dental decay, cracked fillings, root canals, clenching or grinding of teeth that have caused extensive damage to the underlying tooth structure, a dental filling may not be a sufficient restoration. The good news is that a crown, also known as a cap, can completely restore the cosmetic appearance and function of the tooth. When completed, crowns give your tooth a natural look and feel.

Besides restoring a single missing tooth, crowns are also used to support dental bridges, cover dental implants, or cover and protect a cracked tooth from further breakdown. Crowns are also used in the case of a discolored or stained tooth that needs to be restored to its natural appearance. The material used to make crowns are either porcelain or ceramic, both durable and strong materials.

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Dental Crowns
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Dental Crown Process

During your first appointment, your doctor will take an impression of your teeth.

The second step involves preparing the tooth to make room for the crown.

The dentist will make a second impression of the prepared tooth, and place a temporary crown while the permanent crown is made in a dental laboratory.

After the crown is ready, your dentist will place the crown, make final adjustments to make sure it fits properly, and cement it into place.

The result is a tooth that looks and functions like your natural teeth.


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