Laser Dental Treatments – West Chester, OH

Thanks to advances in dental technology, dental lasers have improved the way we perform many procedures including treating tooth decay, periodontal disease, perform biopsies or the removal of oral lesions, set restorative (filling) materials, and activate in-office teeth whitening systems.

By combining water and air with laser energy, the dental lasers can safely cut and shape targeted soft or hard tissues in the mouth. Laser energy is able to precisely cut through tooth structure by exciting the water molecules in the tooth. Without direct contact to the tooth that causes heat, vibration or pressure, discomfort is minimized as is the need for dental anesthesia. As a result, dental lasers can greatly reduce anxiety for patients who are fearful of dental work, minimize post-operative bleeding and swelling, and preserve healthy tooth structure during the removal of decay.

Dental lasers may be an excellent treatment option in certain situations, however, they can not be used in every dental procedure.