Your Total Health &
Cosmetic Specialists

Did you know that Brown & Gettings, DDS is like no other dental practice in Cincinnati? Of course we care about your oral health and your smile, but you are a whole person who deserves comprehensive healthcare, and that is why you should think of us as your total health dentist and cosmetic specialists.

What is a Total Health Dentist and what makes it special?

A total health dentist recognizes the vital connection between oral health and overall health. They use comprehensive treatment solutions to help patients achieve and maintain their long-term health goals.

As total health dentists, we are regularly asked to speak to other dentists in the area to give them a better understanding of the options available to help patients become the healthiest versions of themselves. We have also been undergoing highly specialized training to benefit patients like you.

Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown has begun training with Dr. David Benett, one of America’s top cosmetic and restorative dentists. He is studying the latest techniques for handling complex cases, focusing on total wellness through dentistry, which includes strong teeth, a healthy diet, physical and mental health, and a beautiful smile. When all of these aspects are working together harmoniously, you enjoy life more fully, and that is his goal for every patient.

Dr. Gettings

Dr. Gettings is now an expert in sleep medicine after studying under Dr. Erin Elliott with 3D Dentists. Sleep is essential to overall health and wellness, and better quality sleep leads to higher productivity during the day, higher energy, better overall mental health, and increased focus. Plus, good quality sleep is crucial for a healthy immune system and preventing chronic disease.

How does this benefit you?

If you want to be healthier overall, we can be the starting point to reaching your goals. A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth and quality sleep. Through us, you have access to the best functional and aesthetic dentistry options available for a strong, long-lasting, and beautiful smile that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Drs. Brown & Gettings explain why your oral health is so important

Your total health is important to us. If you want to be healthier overall and
get more out of life, contact us to schedule an appointment.