Full & Partial Dentures – West Chester, OH

Tooth loss is a common dental problem that can be caused by disease, injury, or malnutrition. While it can be a devastating situation, partial or full dentures can restore your smile, provide needed support for your facial contours and bring back normal function to your bite.

A denture is made up of replacement teeth set in a supportive base. It can be fabricated to replace either a small group of missing teeth, an entire upper arch, an entire lower arch, or used to restore both dental arches.

Full Dentures

A complete denture refers to the replacement of all the teeth in a dental arch. It can be installed two different ways. Either inserted some weeks after the extraction sites and the surgical procedures have had time to heal, or as an immediate denture placed the same day the teeth are extracted. While an immediate denture offers the advantage of not having to go without teeth for a period of time, it can require multiple adjustments because the tissues remodel and heal following dental extractions and other surgical treatments.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are made when there are some sturdy teeth remaining. They have adequate stability due to clasps on the teeth surrounding the area of the missing teeth.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are an excellent option for patients that require replacement of all teeth in the upper and/or lower arch of the mouth. They provide an improved aesthetic overall function for eating and speech.

Removable dentures are a prosthesis containing replacement teeth. They are typically mounted in a base made of pink gum-colored resin custom formed to fit over your existing gums. These dentures are designed to be removable without the assistance of a dental professional.

Stability for dentures can be provided by strategically placed implants.


Hybrid Dentures

Dentures Process

To start the process, your dentist will take several impressions of your gums.

The impressions are sent to a laboratory, where a model of your mouth is built. The lab then works closely with your doctor to design your prosthesis.

As each phase of the design is completed, you will meet with your doctor to check for proper fit and bite alignment. Multiple fittings are usually required to ensure the best result.

It may take a brief amount of time to adjust to the feel of your dentures. Soon, they will feel natural, making eating easier and speech clearer.

With dentures, you have a restored smile that looks and functions just like your natural teeth.