See This Remarkable Smile Transformation!

Would you love to improve the appearance of your smile but have been hesitant to express your desires? Or have we discussed changes you would love to see with your smile, but you have been hesitant to move forward with treatment? Dr. Brown is back with his next video installment of Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth. In this video, he shares about a long-time patient who had wanted to improve her smile for years and finally made the leap to change her smile for a major life event. Click here to watch the video and learn more.

Smile Of The Week Story

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, our goal is to help our patients find a solution to any oral health predicament. We recently had a new patient visit our office who was experiencing decay and was told that the only solution was to replace all the teeth with dentures or to patch them up as a temporary solution. After an evaluation, Dr. Brown concluded there was another option to give the patient amazing results. He explains this story in his latest installment of Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth. Click here to watch the video.

Is This Disease Affecting You?

We often speak about the importance of your oral health as well as your overall health. Many patients don’t realize this, but there is actually a link between your oral and your overall health. This is one of the reasons we are so passionate about routine hygiene examinations. If decay and other conditions are left untreated, you may start to experience severe health complications and issues. There is one important oral condition that affects approximately half of American adults and often remains undetected. Are you suffering from this common condition? Continue reading to learn more.

Did You Know Your Dentist Could Help You Sleep Better?

At Brown and Gettings, DDS, we do more than handle your oral care. As you may know, our team is passionate about all aspects of your overall health. One area in particular we may discuss with you are your sleep habits and the quality of sleep you feel you may be getting each night. We are able to treat our patients who may be suffering from a common sleep condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a serious condition in which individuals stop breathing multiple times throughout the night. It occurs when the muscles in the back of the throat relax during sleep, blocking the airway and restricting your breathing. Dr. Gettings recently became a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, also known as AADSM. She took a few minutes to explain more about the seriousness of sleep apnea and a treatment option that our practice offers to help patients get the quality sleep they need. Click here to watch.

Check Out Dr. Brown’s Latest Video!

As you know, we truly care about your oral health as well as your overall health. We are diligent in checking your blood pressure, inspecting for issues such as oral cancer, checking your airways for signs of sleep apnea as well as other issues we want to be mindful of monitoring. We want our patients to live long and happy lives and make their health a priority. Dr. Brown is back with his next installment of Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth, where he discusses the importance of putting yourself and your health first and simple changes you can make. Click here to watch the video and read more about this topic.

Meet a Valued Team Member — Leigh

At Brown and Gettings, DDS, we believe in creating healthy, beautiful smiles that exceed standards. Our entire team cares about the state of your oral and overall health. We do everything we can to improve our patients’ quality of life. We love that each and every team member shares this philosophy and always provides our patients with the very best care and service. We want to take some time this month and share a little more about one of our team members — our dental hygienist, Leigh.

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Dr. Brown Speaks The Tooth: Smile Simulation

Experiencing a dental emergency is never fun, especially if it involves your front teeth. It can leave a patient feeling traumatized, upset and self-conscious. Your smile is a part of who you are. It allows you to show off your personality, display the confidence you have in yourself and helps you greet people and make them more comfortable in your presence. When your smile is compromised, it can be challenging to demonstrate the same confidence as before. Dr. Brown is back with another video installment, where he shares the story of a patient who had an unfortunate experience that affected his smile and how, by using smile simulation technology, he was able to get his smile back and better than before. Click here to watch the video.

Here's a simple way to protect teeth from cavities

Here’s A Simple Way To Protect Teeth From Cavities

When patients visit the office for a routine hygiene examination, the biggest concern is always tooth decay and if cavities need to be treated. This is especially true of our very young patients who may have never experienced a cavity or gotten a filling. Cavities form when the dental enamel, the outer covering of the tooth, becomes damaged from decay. This can be caused for a variety of reasons and is easily treatable. However, there is a treatment that is beneficial in preventing cavities from developing. Read on to learn more about this simple, yet effective treatment.

woman grinding her teeth

Are Your Teeth Feeling The Pressure? How Ro Help Patients Who Clench And Grind Teeth

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, we not only care about our patients’ oral health, but their overall health as well. When you visit our office for a routine hygiene examination, we do more than just clean your teeth and inspect for decay, we look for signs of weakness in your teeth and mouth that can lead to serious complications in the future. One red flag that indicates a problem is worn teeth. Worn teeth can be a sign that you are clenching and grinding your teeth, a condition known as bruxism.