Smile Of The Week Story

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, our goal is to help our patients find a solution to any oral health predicament. We recently had a new patient visit our office who was experiencing decay and was told that the only solution was to replace all the teeth with dentures or to patch them up as a temporary solution. After an evaluation, Dr. Brown concluded there was another option to give the patient amazing results. He explains this story in his latest installment of Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth. Click here to watch the video.

before and after video

Be Proactive With Your Dental And Overall Health

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and would like to make a change? After everything we have been through over the past year, now is a great time to reflect and think about any changes you would like to make dentally, physically, and mentally. At Brown and Gettings, DDS, it is our mission to help as many people as possible be happy, healthy and live their best lives. If you would like to make a change to your smile, the first step starts with you. We encourage you to pick up the phone and call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss changes you would like to see in your oral health.

say yes to improving your smile video

No Better Time To Improve Your Smile

At Brown and Gettings, DDS, we are loving the sunny days we have been seeing in West Chester. Some days, it is hard to believe all that we have been going through for over a year now. It truly puts life into perspective and gives you a newfound appreciation for how precious life is. We love when our patients try to achieve a healthier version of themselves. We have many patients who have taken the opportunity during the past year to exercise more, eat healthier, and even improve their dental health. Dr. Brown talks more about this in a video that he would love to share. Click here to watch.

A Beautiful Client Transformation

Are you looking to make a change to your smile through the use of crowns and a bridge but are hesitant to schedule your appointment? We hope that you will be motivated by our client who recently decided to say yes to a major change. We are always excited and grateful when a patient decides to say yes to their health and smile. We love the confidence that our patient can show to her family and friends while enjoying the many health benefits that an updated smile can offer. Be sure to take a close look at our beautiful patient’s before and after image.

Dr. Brown’s Video Answers A Simple Question

We’re often asked by patients, “Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?” or “Do you do cosmetic dentistry?” The answer is yes! If you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile and feel more confident, then we have several treatments that can help you achieve the look you desire. We love sharing this information with our patients, so Dr. Brown decided to put together a video that can help explain the different options. Here’s a quick video you can watch that describes cosmetic dentistry at our practice: