Orthodontics As An Adult

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, we do everything we can to help our patients have a beautiful and functional smile they are proud of and love to show off. We often stress to our patients the importance of putting their oral health first and learning what we would suggest to improve their smile. Sometimes, we have patients who are hesitant to do more to improve their smile due to their age. We commonly see this when we recommend orthodontic treatments. Gone are the days when orthodontic treatments were only for teenagers. Orthodontic care can greatly improve the placement of your teeth and also eliminate other problems that many adult patients like you experience.

let's talk about clear aligners

Look & Feel Great With A Perfectly Aligned Smile

Would you love to improve the placement and appearance of your teeth? We know that many patients are unhappy with issues such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, spaces between teeth and bite issues. In the next episode of Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth, Dr. Brown explains the importance of correcting these issues, explains the process, and more. Interested in learning which treatment he is discussing this month? Click here to watch the video and find out more.

Did You Know We Offer This?

We hope your New Year is off to a great start. At Brown & Gettings, DDS we look forward to helping patients like you take great care of their teeth in 2020 and beyond. Dental care not only helps maintain a healthy mouth but most patients find they get a confidence boost when they feel good about their smile. In fact, we have one treatment in particular for patients who desire straighter teeth who have been thrilled with the results from this discrete treatment. Click here to learn more about this popular service.