crowns, a functional and esthetic upgrade video

Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth: Crowns – A Functional and Aesthetic Upgrade

Patients never like to hear that they are experiencing tooth decay and need a treatment intervention. However, that is the reality for a number of patients, and we want to offer treatments that will not only restore their oral health and the function of their teeth, but also improve their quality of life. In another installment of “Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth”, Dr. Brown shares more about the importance of dental crowns and how they can improve the function of your smile while also creating a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Click here to watch the short video, and continue reading to learn more about this important and popular treatment.

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Ways We Help To Restore Your Smile

No matter how diligent we are with our oral health, sometimes accidents and facial trauma occur and patients are left with missing and broken teeth. We know that it can be heartbreaking when you are left with your oral health in what feels like shambles. Patients who experience tooth loss to illness, medication side effects, and severe decay have many of the same feelings. Smiling is a way that we can showcase our personality or give a greeting to another without needing to utter a word, and when that is not possible, it is easy to develop issues with self-esteem and become introverted.