Is This Disease Affecting You?

We often speak about the importance of your oral health as well as your overall health. Many patients don’t realize this, but there is actually a link between your oral and your overall health. This is one of the reasons we are so passionate about routine hygiene examinations. If decay and other conditions are left untreated, you may start to experience severe health complications and issues. There is one important oral condition that affects approximately half of American adults and often remains undetected. Are you suffering from this common condition? Continue reading to learn more.

Gum Disease: Do You Have This Silent Disease?

When people think about issues they might experience with their mouth, most of them immediately think of tooth decay. If a friend or family member tells you they need to have dental work completed due to an issue, it’s not uncommon that the assumption would be a cavity, root canal or something of that nature. There is another silent disease that can actually cause more problems with not only the mouth but the entire body as well—gum disease.

Gum Disease is Riskier than You May Think

Over the past year we have had a major focus on our overall health. We have had to adjust the way that we go about our daily lives from work to school and seeing friends and family. Now more than ever we want to stress our philosophy that your overall health and your dental health need to work together to help fight off COVID-19 and other ailments. Medical professionals have warned that patients who suffer from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes have a higher risk of suffering serious consequences when contracting the virus. Dr. Brown shared a video with recent findings of the link between COVID-19 and your dental health. Click here to watch the video and learn about why your dental health can be the difference between life and death.