Smile Of The Week Story

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, our goal is to help our patients find a solution to any oral health predicament. We recently had a new patient visit our office who was experiencing decay and was told that the only solution was to replace all the teeth with dentures or to patch them up as a temporary solution. After an evaluation, Dr. Brown concluded there was another option to give the patient amazing results. He explains this story in his latest installment of Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth. Click here to watch the video.

Do You Have Any of These Signs?

Roses are red, violets are blue, have we told you how much we care about you? Each time you visit us, we are working to make sure that your dental health is in excellent condition. One of the ways we do this occurs during your regular check-up and exam. Do you know what part of your exam can be an actual life saver? Click here to find out more about this important screening.

ADA, Federal Agencies, and Dentists Still Encourage Flossing

ADA, Federal Agencies, and Dentists Still Encourage Flossing A few months ago a study was released questioning the efficacy of flossing your teeth. Because of this, many people began to think that ‘science’ doesn’t support flossing. However, the Department of Health and Human services, the American Dental Association, and others have “reaffirmed the importance of…