Why Are My Gums Bleeding

Have you noticed that you often see signs of blood when you rinse your mouth after brushing and flossing your teeth? If so, you are experiencing bleeding gums. Bleeding gums can be caused by something as simple as food trapped between teeth, brushing too hard, or flossing too roughly. Signs of bleeding gums are not an immediate cause for concern; however, if you notice it is becoming a regular occurrence, be sure to contact our office. Some other possible causes of bleeding gums includes:

Are You Sensitive?

Do you avoid eating foods and drinking beverages that are hot because they irritate your teeth? If so, you may be experiencing tooth sensitivity. It is not uncommon to experience sensitivity from time to time, especially following certain dental treatments; however, when you experience it regularly, you may have a problem with your oral health and need to visit our office. Read on to learn more about tooth sensitivity and how to treat symptoms.

Everyday Habits That Can Negatively Affect Oral Health

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, we often speak about your oral and your overall health. We are committed to assisting our patients in restoring and maintaining their oral health over the course of their lives. Unfortunately, there are certain habits that can negatively affect their teeth and lead to serious complications with their oral health. We want to take a few moments to share what habits may be affecting your oral health so you can make the necessary changes as soon as possible:

Your Oral Health In The New Year

Welcome to 2023! It’s hard to believe that the holiday season has passed by and we have started a new year. We know that many of our patients love the start of a new year because it feels like a fresh start. This is one of the reasons we encourage our patients to evaluate the state of their oral health at the beginning of the year. If it has been some time since you or a loved one has visited our office for a hygiene examination and cleaning, we suggest scheduling an appointment soon! Delaying regular dental care can lead to serious oral health complications in your future. Read on to learn more.

Caring For Teeth When You Don’t Feel Your Best

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, we are continuously speaking about the importance of not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. Even when you do all the right things for your body, such as eat a healthy, well balanced diet, exercise regularly, and receive routine oral and medical care, sometimes unhealthy germs make their way into your system and you can become ill. If we have learned anything over the last few years, it is to read the signs of our body and rest when necessary.

Stress And The Effect On Oral Health

At Brown and Gettings, DDS, we often discuss the importance of your oral and overall health. There is one issue that can be negatively impacting both — stress. Whether it is caused by your career or life circumstances, stress can lead to serious health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Patients are often surprised to learn that your stress level can also be causing problems with your oral health.

Pregnancy And Your Oral Health

Are you or a loved one pregnant, planning a family soon, or a new mom? At Brown & Gettings, DDS, we care about the state of your oral health during each important stage in your life and would hate for a dental issue to dampen the excitement you should be feeling during this special time. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that pregnancy not only changes the state and appearance of your body, but can have some lasting effects on your dental health as well. We want to share how your dental health can be affected during pregnancy plus offer some helpful tips to keep your teeth in excellent shape. Even if you aren’t expecting, this would be great to forward to someone you know who might be experiencing this exciting time.

Here's a simple way to protect teeth from cavities

Here’s A Simple Way To Protect Teeth From Cavities

When patients visit the office for a routine hygiene examination, the biggest concern is always tooth decay and if cavities need to be treated. This is especially true of our very young patients who may have never experienced a cavity or gotten a filling. Cavities form when the dental enamel, the outer covering of the tooth, becomes damaged from decay. This can be caused for a variety of reasons and is easily treatable. However, there is a treatment that is beneficial in preventing cavities from developing. Read on to learn more about this simple, yet effective treatment.

fluoride video

Dr. Brown Uses The “F” Word – Fluoride That Is

We love when patients ask us questions about how to improve their family’s oral health. One question we are frequently asked is about fluoride. You’ve probably heard the term used many times in conjunction with a discussion about teeth and oral health, but do you know what fluoride is and why it is used? Fluoride is a mineral that is found in many water sources such as lakes, rivers, and surprisingly enough, the ocean. We know that many patients are concerned about the appropriate levels of fluoride and the best way to use it. This month, Dr. Brown focuses on all this and more in his vlog, “Dr. Brown Speaks the Tooth.” Click here to watch the video and learn more about ways to use fluoride to benefit your oral health.

proactive health video

The Importance of Being Proactive With Your Health

At Brown & Gettings, DDS, we continuously stress the importance of being mindful of not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. Dr. Brown was recently reminded of this during an appointment with one of his patients, and he wants to share the story and his thoughts with you. This patient recently celebrated her 18th anniversary of being diagnosed with lung cancer. She is not only a lung cancer survivor, but a breast cancer survivor as well. Dr. Brown felt that her optimism and outlook on life was something to be shared and can be a lesson for us all. Click here to watch the video where Dr. Brown shares this story and how being proactive with your health can truly make a world of difference to your future health.