Our Success Is Your Success

For many businesses in Ohio and across the country, 2020 was a trying year with plenty of setbacks and letdowns. Dental practices were especially impacted, having to close completely for several weeks in the spring while we were all trying to understand how to operate during a pandemic. At Brown & Gettings, DDS, however, we did not let that downtime get us down. In fact, we used it to educate ourselves and work on ways to provide the safest dental care experience for our patients. And for that, the practice was nominated for and won an Ohio Success Award for Company Response of the Year!

Gum Disease is Riskier than You May Think

Over the past year we have had a major focus on our overall health. We have had to adjust the way that we go about our daily lives from work to school and seeing friends and family. Now more than ever we want to stress our philosophy that your overall health and your dental health need to work together to help fight off COVID-19 and other ailments. Medical professionals have warned that patients who suffer from obesity, heart disease, and diabetes have a higher risk of suffering serious consequences when contracting the virus. Dr. Brown shared a video with recent findings of the link between COVID-19 and your dental health. Click here to watch the video and learn about why your dental health can be the difference between life and death.

COVID-19 Office Updates

We can hardly believe all the changes we have gone through since reopening our practice on May 4th after being shut down due to COVID-19. As you can imagine, we had to quickly make many changes in order to continue to keep you safe and give you the best dental care and experience possible. As we continue to work through streamlining our processes, we’d like to tell you about some new upgrades we’ve made that keep your safety in mind as well as providing you the best service possible. Watch the video below to learn more!